Who is HoTtrades

Who we are

For more than a decade, we’ve designed our platform and services to make it easier for you to trade and capitalize on profitable market opportunities. Our HotTrades ecosystem offers an environment for you to learn, explore, and interact with other like-minded investors while investing in financial assets.

With over 10 years of market experience and operations in 172 countries, we are an award-winning multi-asset broker based in the UK. We are here to help you achieve your own success, faster and easier, with more than 1,000 professionals in over 30 global offices.

HotTrades adheres to the strictest regulatory and security requirements, ensuring that you can invest with complete confidence.

You can trade over 300 different instruments from anywhere with our intuitive trading software. With HotTrades, you have the winning edge thanks to our lightning-fast execution, consistent performance, and round-the-clock dedicated customer service.

HoTtrades Values

What matters to you, matters to us.

Your trust is extremely important to us. To protect your interests and keep your assets separate, we adopt a no-nonsense approach to compliance and security.

In the market, speed is crucial. We went to great lengths to implement a strong and agile trading platform, accompanied by extremely efficient processes, so you may have a smooth and seamless trading experience.

We believe that technology should serve people rather than the other way around. Our trading tools are simple to use and intended to take the confusion out of trading so you can concentrate on what really counts.

We believe that trading should be unrestricted by geographical boundaries. Our open and dynamic platform allows you to engage with our experts, and agents in real time, so we can work together to achieve significant investment results.

A human-centered approach is something we believe in. We pay attention to details and take the time to learn about your individual needs so that we can provide you with the best possible service. We’ll be right there with you, providing support so you may take advantage of golden opportunities.

Your success is our success.

Smooth and easy investments

Trade anywhere, any time and keep everything under constant control.