Why Trade Energy

You will be able to trade energy markets on MT4 with ease if you open a HotTrades trading account. Whether you’re trading from your heated room on your desktop PC or driving in a car that’s practically powered by the energy market you’re trading, you’ll never miss an opportunity with HotTrades.

About Energy Trading

Energy traders profit on price swings in a select group of commodities markets, such as oil, gas, gasoline, and heating oil. Energy commodities are among the most important markets in the world because they determine the price of the fuel we use on a daily basis.

Modern society is based on energy market products. From supplying energy to the power industry to the production, manufacturing, and transportation industries, we’ve got you covered.

Oil Trading

For decades, speculators have been able to gauge the general health of world economies by looking at the price of Oil, sometimes known as “Black Gold.”

Through HotTrades’ MetaTrader 4 Platforms, you can explore the Oil market and profit from the greater transparency of trading a futures market product.

Invest in this highly technical market and profit from the connection between commodities, forex, and indices. Start trading oil right here.


Petrol, often known as gasoline, is a clear petroleum-derived fuel that is primarily used to power combustion engines. It’s largely made up of organic components, and it’s blended with additives to create gasoline.

HotTrades provides traders with exposure to both gasoline and crude oil via the widely used MT4 platform, which is traded on futures markets and quoted in US Dollars per gallon. Begin trading in gasoline.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a composition that occurs naturally and is mostly used as fossil fuel. It is used to generate electricity and seen as a common source of energy for cooking.

Natural gas is traded as a futures contract in the United States, with each contract worth $100,000 or more.

Hedge and pension funds are rapidly turning towards natural gas contracts to diversify their commodity portfolios. With HotTrades, you can start trading Natural Gas with ease.

Low Sulphur GasOil

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel is a type of diesel with a low sulfur concentration. Almost all petroleum-based diesel fuel sold in Europe and North America since 2006 has been ultra-low-sulfur diesel.

The low-sulfur GasOil futures contract was created to provide traders with a market for successful trading and real-world hedging. Diesel barges supplied in the ARA region of Europe are the underlying physical market for low sulphur gasoil, and it is regarded as the pricing reference for all distillate trading in Europe and beyond.

Cash Oil

With our USOUSD and UKOUSD instruments, HotTrades can now provide a Cash Oil contract for trading on the award-winning MT4 platforms.

Our Cash Oil contract, as opposed to the futures contract, is for traders who do not wish to pay monthly rollover costs. Swaps are only charged on a daily basis.

Choose our alternative Cash Oil market to trade Oil the way you wish.

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