Why Trade Bonds

Bonds are issued to potential investors by government and corporate entities and the need to raise capital through public trade on the exchange. Bonds can be issued on the secondary market or “over the counter” as the bond is presented through a broker service to a potential investor.

About Bonds Trading

Bonds are the loans issued by government or corporations to the bond purchaser. Purchasing a bond from either entity means you are lending the government or the specific corporation money. The bond is paid much like a loan with interest till maturity.

Bonds can be traded publicly on the major exchange platform or privately through a broker service. The bond market has received much attention for being among the largest global security market. Bonds were synonymous with preservation of capital and interest gains. Today, it has become a trade worth trillions as more investors seek to diversify and expand their portfolios with lucrative returns. Bonds can assist in meeting your investment goals with the right trade approach.

To determine the value of a bond, one must consider the price of the bond and its yield. The price must be fair and valuable while the yield is the yearly return an investor could achieve upon the maturity of the bond. Bond prices will shift in the opposite direction of its potential yield.

Successful bond trading requires understanding bond prices. Climbing interest rates in a new bond will provide an investor a higher interest and return. A decline in interest rates means the older bonds will be paying greater interest. You will find premium trade of older bonds in versatile markets. For short-term bond investment, rising rates could compromise value; however, falling interest rates could make bonds more valuable in a diversified portfolio.

Bond trading is appealing for the investor who wishes to minimize capital loss. Bonds can provide investors with a form of residual income paid annually, twice yearly or quarterly. The capital appreciation on bonds can improve the overall return. Bond trading provides investors protection against economic deflation while diversifying portfolios.

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Improve Portfolio Yield

Benefit from profit yield once a bond reaches maturity.


Traders seeking bonds can take advantage of trade in volatile markets with changing economic conditions.

Credit-Defense Trade

Smart investment moves can generate profitability despite future financial decline in a specific industry or sector.


Bonds offer liquidity as larger amounts of bonds are sold to investors without affecting stock price.

Smooth and easy investments

Trade anywhere, any time and keep everything under constant control.